This week marked the centenary of some women getting the vote in Britain after many years of struggle.

But as we all know, there is still much progress to be made in the fight for women’s rights all over the world!

The I Protect Me and Masithembele team ready for training.

I Protect Me (IPM) is carrying on this fight in South Africa, where gender-based violence is a major problem. This week IPM began training Prevention Workers (PW) to go into secondary schools in Cape Town and raise awareness around this issue, aiming to change boys’ attitudes while teaching girls how to avoid dangerous situations and defend themselves.

Six trainee PWs have been recruited in Delft from among unemployed mothers in the local community by IPM’s partner organisation Masithembele. IPM will work very closely with Masithembele, a well-known community organisation in the area which will also help IPM with the administration, reporting and referrals.

Also being trained are Randall Maarman, IPM’s Executive Director and Cindy Martins, who will take the training back to Port Elizabeth to be implemented there in high-risk schools

Keep up the good work, I Protect Me … and many thanks to the SD Nationals who have made this training possible!

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Training in full flow