I PROTECT ME (IPM) trains women and children how to protect themselves against sexual attack without using weapons. It is a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa and working with the Department of Safe Schools for the Western Cape, South Africa.

“We do not teach fighting, but learning how to use the attacker’s weak points to immobilise them so as to gain enough time to escape and report violence,” says Monica Clarke, the Founder of IPM.

IPM also aims to challenge and correct negative attitudes towards gender-based violence and raise the awareness of boys to change sexual attitudes. Training is free to schools, women, and vulnerable adults in the community.

Its vision is to give self-protection and protective behaviour training to every school child in South Africa, to enable them to protect themselves, and to create a new generation of young people who will challenge negative attitudes towards gender-based violence in South Africa, known as the ‘rape capital of the world’.

Training is implemented via a Pyramid Training system (training trainers to train trainers). Each Team of 3 Trainers gives 50 minute lessons to groups of 50 or more:

  • Young learners up to the age of 11 in mixed groups of girls and boys, through storytelling and role play;
  • Older girls and women in the community;
  • Older boys and girls in schools are identified to become, and are trained, as Instructors;

To watch a video of IPM’s first year, click here.

Self-protection training has reduced incidents of rape in Nairobi, Kenya, and this will happen in South Africa as well!

Daisy, 9 years old, living in Delft, Cape Town got away from her stepfather, who is now being charged with attempted rape. She used the techniques she had learnt. This is what she says:

“I did what the teacher from I PROTECT ME  told me to do. I kicked him, and he let go because I bit his hand which was over my mouth. I screamed and ran to report him to the police”….