How it would be if dream became reality …

We are in a house in the countryside – an old Spanish colonial house with an interior courtyard and shaded corridors. Elderly people are sitting outside their rooms in easy chairs and wheelchairs, quietly enjoying the calm of the sunny afternoon and the view onto the ornamental tropical garden, while auxiliary and nursing staff circulate, making sure everyone is content and comfortable.

From beyond the walls we can make out splashing and excited cries. If we go and have a look, we can observe what seems to be a very docile but fun aqua gym class being conducted with the more able-bodied residents.

Here we are at the dream home of Mis Corazones Alegres. When we ask Isabel Cristina Rengifo, the director, how things are going, she beams with happiness.

“It’s marvellous to be able to live in this house which was our dream for so many years,” she says. “We were in the centre of Medellin for so long, renting houses and moving too often, which was expensive and destabilising for the older adults.”

She explains that the foundation was finally able to buy its previous premises in Prado Centro, Medellin, thanks to a grant from a foundation in Bogotá and matching funding from SDIA and members of the Susila Dharma network. This allowed MCA to make the necessary renovations to meet the norms for a residential care home and to start accessing government funding, and everything went from there.

The sale of their town-centre house and a stable revenue from government subsidies and family contributions has meant that the money previously spent on rent has been used to invest in this new house in the countryside on the outskirts of Medellin – much to the joy of everyone concerned!

This is a fictional account of how things would be for Mis Corazones Alegres if its current plans became reality. To find out about its actual situation, click here.