Banpale Village Reconstruction Project Update, by Hamilton Pevec

General construction of the nine homes is complete! There is only one family that has not moved into their new earthquake modified homes, Ama as we refer to her, is still finishing the interior, and has a bamboo shack she can stay in until then.

Regarding the water taps and new cistern, construction has been delayed by the agrarian rhythms and unseasonable weather. They began the cistern construction in what should have been the dry season prior to planting the rice. but the rains came early and it was the expert opinion of the cement builders that you should not try to “set” cement when it is raining. Plus, run off kept filling the hole, and the foundation could not be laid.  Then the monsoon arrived and that is the time to plant rice. So they plant their own fields, and then work in other people’s fields and this lasts until harvest which is October and November depending on the weather. With all this considered, the water cistern will not be completed until after the rice harvest, in late 2017.

During my visit to Banpale in April 2017, exactly 2 years after the first major earthquake, I photographed a portrait series of the families of Banpale inside and outside their new reinforced stone and mud homes. Not everyone was home during the visit, so some of he families members are missing from the photos.