The Healing Circle

The dinner is delicious!  I have come a few minutes early to this weekly community dinner to meet the people who run the Warriors Against Violence program, and Kayla who is working in the kitchen with her sister. Susila Dharma Canada supports this project in Vancouver that aims to decrease domestic violence and help nurture healthy family relationships. Read more..

Fertile ground for self-protection in Cape Town

I PROTECT ME empowers young people to be resilient (stand up for themselves) by protecting their boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others. It also teaches them some self-defence skills for physical protection when under threat.

Read more..

Enterprise working with Susila Dharma

“It was a chat with Rosanna Hille that produced the idea of placing a Susila Dharma link on the front page of my website. It was a lovely idea, a combination of enterprise and charitable works, bringing Susila Dharma into the consciousness of the world.” Read more..

A mind-changing experience – on both sides

“If a short visit could make a change in someone’s life, we hope that the Basara participants visit to the Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta (YTS) project sites was one of them.” That was what Agus Husein, the Project Officer for our livelihood program in Bukit Batu hoped when assisted the Basara participants during their visit to YTS project sites in Habaring Hurung and Tangkiling, Bukit Batu. Read more..

Our Pal George

By Rosanna Hille

When it comes to making things happen there was no one better to work with than George!  It was always a delight to work with him for he was a man of action, a make-it-happen man, not one to sit around chewing over details of what to do until it didn’t even seem like fun to do it any more.  Read more..

What the participants said – Human Force in Kalimantan

Felix Adamson-Walter comes from Lewes in England. He has been involved in the work with refugees that has been undertaken by the local Subud group. He finished studying in June, 2016 and after that worked until travelling to Indonesia for the Human Force camp. As interviewed by Harris Smart (Subud Voice editor). Read more..

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