Banpale two years on

Banpale Village Reconstruction Project Update, by Hamilton Pevec

General construction of the nine homes is complete! There is only one family that has not moved into their new earthquake modified homes, Ama as we refer to her, is still finishing the interior, and has a bamboo shack she can stay in until then.

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Wisma Mulia: A Distinct and Creative Phase of Life

“You think of an old people’s home as somewhere people have gone to fade away. This is not true at Wisma Mulia. People here are very active: they travel, they maintain contact with their families, they have their hobbies, and many write and paint. Their time at Wisma Mulia is not a time of decline, but a distinct and creative phase of life.” Read more..

Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM): Care in the Community

Traditionally in Indonesia, families take care of their parents and old folks. “It is part of the Indonesian culture of showing devotion and obedience to the elderly,” says YUM’s Ernawati Eneng. For a family not to take care of its elders would be a matter of public disgrace. Read more..

Filling the care gap with love: Mis Corazones Alegres

In Colombia many people don’t have a pension and healthcare provision is terrible, and now there is an ageing population that has taken the government by surprise. Perhaps it is because of the successful peace process which means that fewer people are meeting violent deaths in the conflict. Read more..

Green Oak supporting SDIA

Green Oak Carpentry – founded and directed by Andrew Holloway from the United Kingdom – has become Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA)’s latest ‘Inspiring Enterprise’. These are entrepreneurs who support the social development work of SDIA in different ways. Green Oak Carpentry, which designs and makes beautiful timber structures, has placed an advert for SDIA on its website, which you can see at Read more..

Quest Center: A Death like a Birth!

By Dr. Lusijah Marx

There is value in appreciating that people who are living are dying, and people who are dying are living.

“Having time to spare” becomes instead “the only time that exists is now.” Read more..

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