Joining together villages in Senegal

By Berta Gielge

The Ndem community was started by Serigne Babacar Mbow, a Sufi Guide, and his wife Sokhna Aissa 35 years ago. In 1984 they initiated the creation of a villagers’ association, that brought together the population of 15 villages Read more..

Health Care for a Neglected Population

Decades of conflict and a lack of government investment have made it hard for people in the DRC to access basic healthcare. The distances, cost of transport, lack of health infrastructure, bad roads, burden of disease, poverty and poor nutrition combine to create a toxic mix that results in one of the highest child and maternal mortality rates in the world. Read more..

Young leaders ready to lead the way

Here is a moving testimonial written by a Prevention Worker after an I Protect Me (IPM) Peer Training graduation on 3rd October. The graduates are 15 over-16 year olds who are going to do the bulk of the teaching to their peers and juniors Read more..

The transformation of Morningside CARE

This is the inspirational story of a project that rose from the ashes …

Morningside CARE was on the verge of collapse when a determined group of people came along to revive it. Now it is stronger than ever, a member with a difference that helps other projects all over the world. Read more..

SDIA’s new Privacy Policy

Your inbox has probably been flooded recently with emails about the GDPR, so you don’t need us to tell you that GDPR stands for the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and that it comes into effect on 25 May 2018.  Read more..

Letter from Colombia – Friday 9th March

Photo: Adrian Chapleau

By Solen Lees*

“Tropico’s help in bringing the community together and making us aware of what we have here has been invaluable.”

Clara and I are interviewing Maria Esnea Garcia on a balcony to the backdrop of a lush and verdant valley in Riobravo, Calima Read more..

All loved up at Mis Corazones Alegres

How it would be if dream became reality …

We are in a house in the countryside – an old Spanish colonial house with an interior courtyard and shaded corridors. Elderly people are sitting outside their rooms in easy chairs and wheelchairs, quietly enjoying the calm of the sunny afternoon and the view onto the ornamental tropical garden, while auxiliary and nursing staff circulate, making sure everyone is content and comfortable. Read more..

Amanecer – all together!

How it would be if dream became reality …

The Amanecer International Center is a beautiful place surrounded by dramatic mountains and planted with vibrant-coloured flowers. There is a constant buzz of bird and insect life in the air – and now it is full of human life too. Read more..

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