Sharing ideas: SDIA and the UN Department of Information

By Suzanna Dayne, SDIA Representative to the UN The UN Department of Information (DPI) held a town hall meeting in February to discuss the next joint DPI-NGO conference to be held August 27-29 in New York, ahead of the UN General Assembly in September. The conference is the largest NGO gathering of its kind. It brings together over 1,500 NGO representatives from around the globe to focus on a theme related to current UN and NGO priorities. The theme of the 2014 Conference is: The Role of Civil Society in the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The UN is looking to NGOs to provide input into the post 2015 agenda. This includes determining development goals and priorities, developing target indicators and an accountability framework based on human rights and values. It is hoped that the results of the conference will inspire UN member states “to do what’s right”.

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Have no Fear – A World without Violence against Children

SDIA Representative to the UN, Suzanna Dayne reports on a recent consultation at UN headquarters in New York on Violence against Children. The meeting was organized by the Permanent Missions of Canada and Paraguay to the UN and the office of the Secretary General Special Representative on Violence Against Children.

Two words that should never be heard in the same sentence: violence and children.

However, the global statistics are staggering: one in five children are victims of violence, that is 500 million children a year.

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A Child’s Garden of Peace for Puebla’s Children

A Subud World Congress Gift to Puebla – Your support is needed!

Gardening lowers stress levels for people of all ages, and engages them with the life processes of the earth so that respect for all life forms develops naturally. Research has also shown that when young children plant vegetables, they eat them and this promotes life-long good health. SDIA member project A Child’s Garden of Peace has worked in four countries now, providing community gardens that can educate people – especially children – about the natural environment, the benefits of gardening, growing your own food and health.

Last year the World Congress planning committee approved a proposal from A Child’s Garden of Peace for an educational garden for children to be created in Puebla, Mexico, as a gift of thanks from Subud to the broader community for hosting the congress in the city in 2014.

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Human Force Heroes

Feel like joining a team of heroes? Then come to the Human Force camp in Puebla, Mexico from 26th July to 1st August this year – just before World Congress!

There you can help valiant Illène Pevec as she creates a garden in a built environment for a group of people who really need it – the little people who attend a day care centre for children whose parents cannot afford any other care for them, and the young local volunteers who help out there.

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A Visit to Mis Corazones Alegres in Medellin

By Hillel Natanson

Isabel Cristina Rengifo with a resident of Mis Corazones Alegres

Isabel Cristina Rengifo with a resident of Mis Corazones Alegres

As I boarded the bus in Armenia, Colombia that was going to take me to Medellin, my imagination played the part of an old-fashioned film projectionist, throwing up all kinds of images about what I might expect to see. I was on my way to visit Mis Corazones Alegres (“My Happy Hearts”), an SDIA-affiliated home for the elderly in the heart of Medellin. For many reasons, I had not had any contact with the family that runs it. I wasn’t worried about this, because Ilaina Ramirez, the chair of SD Colombia, had communicated with them on my behalf, and they were expecting my visit. But it did feel a bit strange, and a bit mysterious. The staff of SDIA also knew little about this particular project, so I really could not help but to actively wonder. Once we were on our way, the images in my mind competed with those that steadily presented themselves through the windows of the bus. Some of these were quite dramatic, especially after we got into Pereira and then continued north on a dizzying series of curved and raised sections of highway, supported on immense concrete stilts, that quickly elevated us above the city and up into the mountains through which we would be driving for another seven hours.

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Keeping hold of the idea

Interview with Robert Schreiber (RS) by Imke Wolf-Doettinchem (IWD).

The experience of the development of the education centre Gate to the World in Hamburg, Germany could be useful to anyone working in development. How can we keep alive the founding idea of a big project? How can we keep everyone in line? And how should we deal with investors?

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Emergency help for the Philippines

From Hamida Thomas, on behalf of SDIA

sdia-filipineSDIA has been receiving inquiries asking how to send funds to help those whose lives have been seriously affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. SDIA does not have members active in the Philippines, so we will be sending any member donations received through to the Red Cross which has a strong field presence in the country. On behalf of SDIA and WSA (World Subud Association), we will be advancing $5000 from our Emergency Relief fund that will be matched by the Canadian Government to become $10,000 for food, water, shelter and basic assistance to the survivors.

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Venezuela gathering: a clear feeling of possibility and joy

Venezuela Gathering 1From September 20th to 23rd, SDIA members and Board attended the Zone 8 meeting at the Quebrada de la Virgen retreat centre in Venezuela. The collaborative way of working between the Subud delegates and the wings (Susila Dharma and SICA) made this a special gathering.

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No-one left behind

SDIA participation at the UN in September, by Suzanna Dayne

SDIA was among a number of nonprofits invited by the United Nations to attend a series of consultative meetings in New York in September during the week of the UN’s 68th General Assembly.

The theme for the General Assembly was: “The Post 2015 Development Agenda: Setting the Stage!”  SDIA has been active in UN meetings since gaining consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).  Many of SDIA’s development projects on five continents focus on the UN’s eight point program known as the MDGs, Millennium Development Goals.

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Helping the global effort

SDIA representation at United Nations events on the Millennium Development Goals, by Sofan “Ethan” Harris

“Excellencies, Ladies, and Gentlemen, please take your seats we are ready to convene.”

After studying International Relations in London 2005, I moved to South America to Learn Spanish, teach English and gain international experience. While living in Buenos Aires Argentina and Santiago Chile, I was elected Chairperson of Susila Dharma Argentina and Chile. My prior experience with SDIA made me a good candidate to represent the organization at the United Nations Events at the end of September in New York City.

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