An earthly paradise with Fundación Trópico

How it would be if dream became reality …

There is a verdant valley with a crystalline river running through it. The sound of the river masks the thrumming of machines in workshops scattered around the valley (16 in all) where people are making panela* to sell in local shops. Read more..

Letter from Colombia – Wednesday 21st March

By Solen Lees*

This is the last instalment from me about my trip to this amazing country and my visit to the wonderful projects that are members SDIA.

I spent the day I was due to fly back to the UK with the group of people who run SDIA’s newest member, an organisation called Programa Tejiendo Logros (PTL), at its office premises in the Teusaquillo area of Bogota. Read more..

Letter from Colombia – Tuesday 13th March

By Solen Lees*

Before I sign off, it’s worth mentioning a pit-stop I did at the Amanecer International Centre in the Quindío, between Cali and Medellín, on Tuesday 13th March.  Here I was witness to a lot of enthusiasm and good will to get things done! Read more..

Letter from Colombia – Thursday 8th March

By Solen Lees*

Wilson Ladino and Luz Marina Potes

Today’s meeting is in a restaurant La Gallina Turuleka with a beautiful view of the valley in which lies nestled the municipality of Roldanillo. I have travelled here with Ana Elvia Arana and two of the volunteers, Clara Rust and Adrian Chapleau Read more..

Good Chance Theatre

By Erica Sapir

‘Good Chance Theatre’ is an organization based in London, and created by two theatre people, with the aim of creating a space where refugees can have a space for relaxation, fun, music, creativity, and where art and theatre games contribute to open hearts and help people get closer to one another through the universal language of theatre. Read more..

Letter from Colombia – Tuesday 6th March

By Solen Lees*

My adventure begins at 9.40 am when ‘my driver’ comes for me… It was initially meant to be 8am, but this is Colombia! I have been forewarned that I will be going to Pance – 26 kilometres from Cali where I am staying – on the back of a motorbike. Read more..

100 years but still a long way to go!

This week marked the centenary of some women getting the vote in Britain after many years of struggle.

But as we all know, there is still much progress to be made in the fight for women’s rights all over the world! Read more..

Working together to save lives in the DR Congo

Imagine you are a pregnant woman in need of medical care. Your nearest health centre is many miles away on dusty or muddy tracks. You don’t have a car and there are no buses. There is no-one to look after your toddler either, so you have to carry her on your back. Read more..

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