SDIA Magazine

We called this magazine IMPACTS, because it is about the results our Susila Dharma projects are achieving within the communities they serve. Given the limited resources they have to work with, these are truly impressive and something we can all feel proud of.


SDIA Online Brochure

The Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA) is a member network of national organizations and grassroots associate member projects from 28 countries working in partnership. This brochure provides some basic information about the SDIA vision, mission, programme areas and activities.

SDIA online brochure 2016 (in English)
SDIA online brochure 2016 (en Español)
SDIA online brochure 2016 (en Français)


SDIA In Context

In this magazine we hope to increase understanding of the current trends and complex forces that shape development processes. We also want to show how Susila Dharma projects in eighteen different countries are addressing some of these challenges.