Hagamos Cadena (Let’s make a chain) is an initiative aiming to continue to build the chain of solidarity that reaches the underprivileged community of San Miguel de Atlautla in Mexico.

San Miguel Atlautla in the state of Mexico is a community with a high index of poverty, where Usaha Mulia Abadi A.C. carries out programmes and projects focusing on nutrition, the environment, education and solidarity. These activities all aim to create a space where local disadvantaged children and youth can develop their abilities, knowledge and understanding so that they are able to recognise and fulfill their potential.

The HAGAMOS CADENA (Let’s make a chain) initiative aims to strengthen the chain of solidarity that helps the association give much needed support to the community. Helping ensure that youngsters stay in schools, improving families’ living conditions and nutrition, planting trees to reforest the area – all this is only possible thanks to the work of Mexican and international volunteers. However, these volunteers come from far away and need somewhere to sleep. Currently there is a house which needs to be maintained and enlarged. Your donation will help to eliminate the humidity and paint the inside and outside of the house, and build two other dormitories – one for men and one for women – allowing a total of 32 volunteers to be accommodated at one time.

HAGAMOS CADENA aims to provide volunteers with a comfortable place for them to sleep during the days they are working with the community. Without the support of volunteers our work would be severely restricted – indeed, much of it would not happen at all.


San Miguel Atlautla is a marginalized area facing the challenge of a high index of poverty; 57% of the population is supported by agriculture and 12% is illiterate.

UMA needs to raise funds to continue providing volunteer human resources to carry out its valuable work in the village. Without better accommodation, the number of volunteers will shrink due to the distance they have to travel. If this happens, the activities we do with the community will stop or be postponed, and the community will be let down.


UMA’s activities respond to people’s needs by working in partnership with the local government and police force, and an international non-governmental organization that provides food supplements.

As long as we have volunteers who help us to take the aid to the town, the village children will be able to:

  • receive their monthly nutritional products (1,000 children aged 0 – 8 years old are reached)
  • take part in educational workshops and
  • enjoy a clean and reforested forest


We also support elderly people, prisoners and children suffering from cancer and improve families’ physical environment.

To be able to continue to carry out these actions requested by the community, our solution is to build better accommodation in order to attract volunteers

Through Make it Happen and other sources, the UMA association will continue looking for funds to be able to continue the yearly programme of activities so as to not affect the community which relies on our support.

Long Term Impact

Maintaining and enlarging the volunteers’ house will allow adequate space for more people to be able to help us to continue the comprehensive development of the community, making it possible to carry out the projects and aims in the fields of nutrition, environment, education and solidarity. San Miguel de Atlautla is classified as a marginal community in the state of Mexico, and so your help and the help of others are very important for the continuity of the social work.

The long-term impact on the community is measured by the improvement of the nutrition for children from 0 to 8, by the support and continuity of the youth’s studies, by the improvement of the living conditions of the families, by the community’s environmental awareness, by the number of trees planted every year for the reforestation project. All these indicators of the long-term effects on the population are possible thanks to the work of each of the volunteers who support us in the carrying out of programmes, projects and activities.year for the reforestation project. All these indicators of the long-term effects on the population are possible thanks to the work of each of the volunteers who support us in the carrying out of programmes, projects and activities.

Additional Documentation

Read more on the Usaha Mulia Abadi page on the SDIA Website

Organisation information

Project leader: Mariamah Flores Torres
Location:  San Miguel de Atlautla, Mexico
Facebook page:


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