March 2017: The final grant report for this completed project is available here.

Original appeal: In April 2015 a devastating earthquake struck Nepal. Thanks to Devika and Hamilton Pevec who were living in Nepal, some immediate relief was provided from the SDIA Emergency Fund and other sources.  Now, given the high level of corruption and slow pace of progress in the reconstruction efforts, a small team is helping the villagers reconstruct their homes.  Once Hamilton and Devika’s team figured out how to build a single home, the rest was about duplicating and improving the process until they ran out of money or completed the project. All the homes have been made earthquake-resistant as explained below.


Reconstruction of homes. We have $2,142 towards the completion of the last 3 houses and are trying to raise another $2,995. Based on the first six houses, the villagers completed a single home in about 10 days.  Construction will continue in mid to late November and be completed before the end of the year 2016.


Completion of nine homes. Three more 15×17 Ft, single level homes will be built using stone and mud, implementing earthquake resilient building modifications in each house. Techniques include: concrete ‘banding’ at 1-meter intervals tying all the walls together horizontally. Steel re-bars that run through the corners, half-way points, around the windows and doors, tying the walls together vertically. At the top of each wall a ‘diamond cap ring’ mounted to the center point re-bars will bind the whole ‘grid’ together and create a frame for the tin roofing.   Four homes have already been completed in this style.

Reliable water source: Currently Banpale village only has one, unreliable, water source. We will install a cistern to ensure consistent water through the dry season. We will install a ‘switch’ to have multiple points of access to clean water.

Total cost: $5,137

Long Term Impact

In Banpale village, victims of the Nepal earthquake will have housing and clean water.


The final grant report for this completed project is available here.

Listen to Hamilton’s story on his podcast here;
Read part one of a two-part article on rebuilding in post-earthquake Nepal.

This is a Himalayan Yogini Community Outreach Effort.

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