SD DR Congo is a leading NGO promoting the development of community co-managed, not-for-profit Primary Health Centers (CSCOMs). The first of three pilot projects was built in the community of Lemba Imbu near Kinshasa and demonstrates the importance of communities working with local health officials to provide quality, accessible and sustainable health services, along with outreach, awareness raising and prevention initiatives developed by and for the community itself. The Lemba Imbu CSCOM is operated by SD DR Congo together with the local community.

The health program of SD DR Congo depends on community participation from the very conception of the project, including in the choice of the sites and the management of the CSCOM in the operating phase. While building the health centres, SD Congo has been helping create health mutual associations in the area to improve the economic ability of the population to access health services. This initiative is being developed in accordance with the National Health Development Plan and will lead to the long-term sustainability of the CSCOM.

A second stage project as part of the Lemba Imbu CSCOM was the completion of the maternity clinic in 2013. Since it was opened, this health centre has provided 136 prenatal consultations, delivered 92 babies and provided 1,092 general consultations and treatment, including for diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and others.

Provided funding can be found, there are plans to establish four more community health centres by 2015, their size depending on the needs of the surrounding communities.