The project was developed by Hermione Elliott, who after a lifetime of working as a nurse, midwife, counsellor and trainer, saw the need for a more informed and compassionate approach to death and dying.

The project envisions a world where death is a healthy, normal transition and the dying person, despite being vulnerable, is fully involved and engaged in their life until their death.

Living Well, Dying Well, informs, empowers and supports people to accept death as a natural consequence of being alive, and helps them plan and prepare practically, emotionally and spiritually for the end of life.

The project trains lay people to become informed companions or ‘Doulas for the Dying’ to support people in their neighborhood who are dying, as well as their family members. The project also includes awareness-raising workshops for professionals and the public and currently works mainly in SE England.

The project works in collaboration with hospitals, hospices, local doctors, funeral directors, local seniors forum, local Cruse Bereavement Service, Age UK, Dying Matters Coalition, Innovations Network of the College of Medicine, Bath University Centre for Death and Society, The Natural Death Centre and a network of Interfaith Ministers and Celebrants.