PTL began in 1979 as an initiative to help marginalized communities which included people displaced due to the internal conflict in Colombia.

In 2009, PTL started community kitchens for children, the elderly and pregnant women in four locations in Bogotá. Providing a regular source of nutrition is a point of entry for PTL’s work in strengthening communities. PTL begins by seeking to understand the different needs of participants and enlists the support of nutritionists and psychologists who help to address their problems.

PTL works with mothers to find employment opportunities through business programs and with elderly people in vulnerable situations who have been abandoned by the State or their families. By organizing sports activities, parties and popular and community games, PTL helps develop a sense of community and prevent widespread social problems such as drug use, teenage pregnancy, gang culture and bullying.

The latest PTL project – Renacer de Las Palmas – operates in the municipality of Las Palmas, Cundinamarca, Colombia. With the enthusiastic support of the villagers, the goal is to provide a potable water supply and eradicate open defecation before going on to help villagers establish sustainable livelihoods and restore their damaged natural environment.