The Tierraviva Project was created in 2001 by a group of professionals and artists to help vulnerable communities find their own answers to their problems in Argentina. Today the project is based in Uruguay. Projects initiated by Tierraviva are designed to help formulate public policies so that projects can become sustainable.

In 2005, Tierraviva focused on working in prisons where mothers live with their children under the age of five. Tierraviva delivered workshops in art, awareness-raising and education through play in Buenos Aires. Tierraviva then trained teams in the project’s methodology in other provinces in Argentina where there are prisons with children.

In 2008, project leader Rasjid Cesar was invited by the National Ombudsman’s Office and UNICEF Argentina to be a panelist at the “1st National Conference on the situation of pregnant women and women with children in prison”, and in 2011 Argentina’s Attorney General’s Office published his book ‘On the Inside’ (Por Dentro) based on Tierraviva’s experience working in prisons.

Since 2012, Rasjid has been working in a model prison in Paso Molino, Montevideo, to implement the Art and Awareness programme. Ideally the project will eventually go beyond prisons and include prevention work in other high-risk environments as part of a national crime-prevention programme.