WISMA MULIA is a non-profit fully registered residential home providing accommodation with support for 22 people. The range of facilities and care packages allow us to welcome people who require round the clock support as well as those enjoying a more independent lifestyle.

Set in the heart of this beautiful Cotswold village with the nearby canal and river, Wisma Mulia is just a short walk from the village green, shop, post office and The Bell Inn.

Wisma Mulia was founded by a team, which included David Barker, a Bristol social worker, who was partly motivated by his desire to prepare a place for his aging mother.

“You think of an old people’s home as somewhere people have gone to fade away. This is not true at Wisma Mulia. People here are very active: they travel, they maintain contact with their families, they have their hobbies, and many write and paint. Their time at Wisma Mulia is not a time of decline, but a distinct and creative phase of life.”