Susila Dharma France Entraide or SDFE was created in 1985 to implement the humanitarian initiatives of its members,by supporting existing projects or individual endeavours. This word Entraide (Mutual Aid or Ayuda Mutua) emphasizes actions that are not one-way, and we are working in a spirit of development, not charity.

SDFE is a non-profit association with exclusively charitable aims, which entitles us to receive donations and bequests with death duties exemption. Donations entitle donors to a 66% income-tax deduction.

Our work is based on the principle of helping people to realize the projects that will improve their own lives, and not going to do our own projects; this is Susila Dharma’s philosophy. For us, an essential point is that a project is rooted in the community that it is serving, because the community then has ownership of the project. An example is the Community Health Centre or CSCOM, of which 3 are now operating in the DR Congo, and where the community is deeply involved in the management and operations.

SDFE supports the following projects:

Asia: YUM (Yayasan Usaha Mulia), Indonesia and support to Vietnamese initiatives that are delivering services such as visiting sick people, financing eye operations, supplying meals to pagodas and hospitals, building concrete footbridges in the country; a programme of education grants is being developed.

Africa: In the DR Congo – support to the SD schools: GSSD Lemba Imbu, CSSD Inkisi and the three Community Health Centres or CSCOMs, Lemba ImbuNkandu and Kingantoko.
Also in the DRC, Puppeteers Without Borders – support to a programme aimed at helping Kinshasa street children through using puppet-making to educate people. In South-Africa: I Protect Me or IPM, a project to help fight rape at school through teaching the girls self-defence and educating boys and staff.
In Madagascar – Jackie, a registered nurse, goes each January to Antananarivo, and organizes the distribution of fresh fruits and yoghurts to the children in the HJRA Hospital. 50 children are now benefitting from this throughout the year.

Europe: Roda Viva, Portugal.

South America: Mis Corazones Alegres, Colombia

Right now there are no projects in France, but we hope there will be other initiatives to encourage. We are also looking for younger members to take over the Board in the coming years.

The bigger and more and more professional projects to which we can now contribute should not make us forget that SD starts at our door: if we help a neighbour, this is Susila Dharma. All these initiatives of which we do not speak because we feel they are only natural to us, they are Susila Dharma, too!