Susila Dharma Germany has been active since 1982 and has been a registered charitable organization with tax exempt status since 1992. Today it has about 70 members and is headquartered in Berlin. It operates with a core team of five Directors, one staff member and 16 project coordinators.

Recent SD Germany supported projects include:

Twenty-three projects in Indonesia, India, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Moldova, Cameroon and Germany. Our largest projects are currently Anisha II in India (sustainable farming and capacity building); and YUM-Agro in Kalimantan, Indonesia (sustainable farming). Both projects are co-financed by the BMZ (The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development).

We also have over 20 projects ranging from supplying communities with clean drinking water, training facilities for income-generating activities and education of all ages and all ranges of capability regardless of sex, race or financial situation.

In terms of networking, SD Germany is a cofounder of the German network of NGO’s working in development aid (VENRO) and the one-world-network Hamburg (EWNW). To support our cause and to inform our friends, donors and members, we strive to publish two magazines (Umschau) and three newsletters (Einblick) per year. The extended team of directors, staff, project coordinators and helpers is connected via a weekly e-mail newsletter.