SUSILA DHARMA SPAIN focuses on change or improvement in three areas: society, human beings and the environment.

We encourage Subud members to consider themselves members of Susila Dharma and to carry out worthwhile actions such as using ethical banking systems, improving the situation of children, mothers and elderly people and to share what they do with us.

We promote an exchange of experiences among members about topics such as healthy living, encouraging groups to create a “Susila Dharma book” in all Subud houses, where people can write down any piece of knowledge they consider to be helpful whether it is about the spiritual or material matters.

We also promote recycling and other environment initiatives among our members and groups.

A project of SD Spain is the Sierra Leone Health Initiative:

This project aims to support the Clarissan Missionary Sisters in their different missions in the country of Sierra Leone, mainly in the area of health but also in education.

The sisters have been working in Sierra Leone since 1960. First they opened a school in Lunsar and in 1985 a clinic in the town of Yonibana/Mile 91. Nowadays they have 5 missions including two schools. The School in Lunsar has more than 3,000 students including lower school, high school and vocational training. They also have a primary school in Mange Bureh with about 600 students.

The town of Yonibana/Mile 91 has a population of more than 50,000 people and the province of Tonkolili, 400,000. The Mile 91 Clinic has grown considerably and now attends around 50-60 patients a day (or 12,000 a year) including 2-3 deliveries per week.  It has several consultation rooms, a laboratory and rooms for drips and emergency treatment. It also runs nutritional programmes. A maternity ward on the same mission grounds will soon open its doors.

Around 70% of patients are children, many with severe malaria and typhoid fever. Most women give birth to their children at home and maternal mortality is one of the highest in the world. With the new maternity ward, it is hoped women will be encouraged to come to the hospital for delivery and give birth in a safer environment.

SD Spain became involved in this work through the family of Olga Ramirez who is a medical doctor, as are her husband and daughter. In 2012 they all began working as volunteers in the clinic and on their return they continued their work with the support of SD Spain.

Since 2012, there have been several activities. In December 2012 an ambulance was donated for emergency transport to hospitals. Medication that cannot be found in Sierra Leone is sent every year. In December 2014 and September 2014 containers with food, clothing, medication, sanitary material, beds, bicycles, refrigerators, beds, autoclaves, etc. were sent.

SD Spain is motivated and actively involved in this project by raising funds for medication and food. It is now collecting furniture and machines – beds, ultrasound machine – for the maternity ward. There is also a need to expand the existing solar panel plant, so that it provides electricity for the new ward as well. The plant was purchased for the clinic in 2014 with funding from SDIA.

The partners for this project are:

  • Clarissan Missionary Sisters.
  • Atabal Foundation, a foundation that supports Sierra Leona.
  • Africa Directo, which has projects in twenty African countries.
  • The community there is also participating in all of the projects.

Read more information about this (in Spanish) here.

SD Spain has also supported:

Earthquake relief (Pakistan/New Zealand)
Action against Hunger International
Aserra (Peru)