Susila Dharma USA is a nonprofit organization that supports locally initiated, humanitarian programmes serving communities in the U.S. and around the world. SD USA encourages and empowers individuals and collaborative charitable projects to foster the development and fulfillment of human potential and healthy, sustainable communities.

SD USA promotes social justice and equality through community programmes that promote harmony within the cultures they serve. Key focus is placed on development that respects the dignity of each individual, while honouring and nurturing existing cultures.

SD USA fosters programmes dedicated to social and humanitarian activities including health, education, and long-term community development. We promote activities that are visionary and creative, while also being accountable and sustainable. SD USA also supports the following activities by Subud members in the USA:

  • Badger Arts and Environmental Camp in Badger, CA, serves children from the Sierra foothills and the Central California Valley, where the majority of families live below the poverty line. Many have never been to a forest, hiked, or even been swimming. Campers gain exposure to the arts and to environmental experiences that enrich their understanding of themselves and their place in the world.
  • The Inner City Schools project in Los Angeles provides art supplies and books that are not normally available to children in an elementary school and two early childhood centers. SD USA’s support provides educational toys, books, clothing and shoes for children, as well as dried rice and beans for their families.
  • Smile Partners, Washington, provides preventive oral health services to low-income children and seniors in the Puget Sound area of Washington. There is also an educational component in classrooms which we support with printed materials. Through Smile Partners, SD USA has supported the dental hygiene program in 140 local preschools and elementary schools in five counties.
  • Elderberry assists Subud elders (ages 75+) to remain included in the Subud community by reimbursing the costs of travel to latihan locations and providing subsidies to attend Subud events.
  • Tijuana Family Outreach, Mexico, by Subud California. For years, Subud California at San Diego has brought school supplies, holiday celebrations, and enterprise training (such as baking classes) to Tijuana. The project serves around 70 families with children.

For further information about these projects, please visit SD USA’s website.