Bardolf Paul

Director, Indonesia

Bardolf Paul is a rural development specialist with 27 years’ experience in the Asia region. Between 2003 and 2014, Bardolf worked for Kalimantan Gold Corporation Limited (KGC). His speciality is strengthening community-government relations, and improving governance at both community and government levels, conditions that are essential to ensure the smooth development of a major mine.

In 2003, Bardolf was a member of a group commissioned by the World Bank to examine the involvement of the Bank in the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors. The core of the report that aimed to improve the Bank’s performance in these sectors and help it achieve its main objective of alleviating global poverty, was the essential need for good governance. This was the primary focus of Bardolf’s work with Kalimantan Gold. 

Bardolf currently heads the foundation Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta that was established by KGC in 1997. The foundation works with local communities, and with local and regional governments, providing advice and technical assistance for improving governance, economic and social development.

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