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Crossing the gap between two worlds

Hamilton Pevec’s blog from Pokhara, Nepal, about the aftermath Nepal’s recent devastating earthquake and his contribution to the relief efforts.
A few months back I was handing out paddleboard tour flyers in Kathmandu. I gave one to a pretty Nepali woman. She stopped, read the whole thing, and asked me: “Is this your business?”

“Yeah, I manage and run the tours,” I replied.

“I am a travel agent – I am from Masel,” she said.


I stayed in touch with her. Six days after the quake, I sent her and everyone else I know messages, to check in and see if they were all right. Laxsmi replied, “I am ok, I am with my family in the village. My father died in the house when it fell on him.”

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Getting Relief Supplies to the Epicenter

Hamilton Pevec’s blog from Pokhara, Nepal, about the unfolding of Nepal’s recent devastating earthquake, its aftermath and his contribution to the relief efforts.

By Hamilton Pevec, April 29-30, 2015

We gathered at Blue Sky Paragliding company headquarters in Pokhara, Nepal to load four jeeps with relief supplies – 120 kg rice, 25L fuel, 10 tarps, 10 blankets 15 boxes of water, shovels and picks. We worked with Karma Flights because they had already established a relay distribution station to make sure supplies got into the right hands.  The paragliding companies have all leapt in to help.

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