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Make it Happen initiatives are projects of the Susila Dharma network currently in need of funding. They have been reviewed and endorsed by SDIA, whose role is to support its member organisations.


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Anisha Foundation – Food security with respect for the environment

Despite what Big Agriculture would have us believe, the tide of opinion is changing about whether organic farming can feed the world.

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Fundación Trópico – Safeguarding biodiversity and livelihoods, side by side

The Río Bravo Reserve (Valle del Cauca, Colombia) is part of one of the world’s most biologically rich and threatened areas. It is home to 1,446 Species in 34,110.82 hectares, including 552 species of birds, 105 mammal species and 56 Amphibian species.

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July 2017 Issue

The crucial first years of life and the SDIA members who do groundbreaking work in the area of early childhood.