SDIA supports a network of 22 national organizations and 34 projects from 28 countries that help human beings reach their full potential.


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2014 Annual Report

In 2014, SDIA continued its activities in supporting Subud members and their associates to carry out social and humanitarian activities around the world. 2014 was also a year of reflection as we engaged in a process that led us to create goals for the network for the next four years.

Click on a link below to read our Annual Report in English, French or Spanish.

SDIA AR 2014 English
SDIA AR 2014 French
SDIA AR 2014 Spanish

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The monsoon is coming

The sixth installment of Hamilton Pevec’s blog from Nepal about the aftermath Nepal’s recent devastating earthquake and his contribution to the relief and rebuilding efforts, including the story of how his team delivered tin to a remote village.

There is a feeling among all the relief workers and local people that when the monsoon hits, so will disaster.  The surface has been loosened by earthquakes and was ready to wash away in the rain.  “The monsoon is coming” has added a new level of urgency to our work.

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