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Kalimantan Haze Video

Because of continuous forest fires, the people of Central Kalimantan suffered from the worst haze in history and inhaled toxic air for more than 8 weeks. The air pollution level reached 3,000 – more than 10 times the hazardous level! People had difficulty breathing, suffered from constant headaches and more and more babies, children and pregnant mothers are experiencing acute respiratory infections.

In October, Yayasan Usaha Mulia in Kalimantan started distributing health relief packages to more than 800 families. You can watch a video about their relief efforts here.

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The latest from the Jungle

By Lilian Simonsson – from the Lewes Action for Refugees Facebook page

Annabella Ashby and I returned from Calais last night. Conditions in the camp are worsening due to winter approaching, donations going down and more and more people arriving all of the time. It was extremely windy with heavy rain when we got there on Saturday with people attempting to secure and holding down their muddy tents, plastic covers, shelters to prevent them from flying away.

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