ANISHA is a small rural development project located in the remote Martalli region in South India.

Although Martalli is covered by family owned farms, many of its residents lack access to adequate and healthy food. This is due, in part, to the high costs associated with chemical farming and a widespread shift to cash crops to meet these expenses.

Anisha works with small scale-farmers and landless farm workers to increase their household food security by promoting organic farming practices, encouraging the establishment of home kitchen gardens, lending them native seeds from Anisha’s seed bank, encouraging them to save money and support each other through self-help groups, and spearheading incomegenerating initiatives.

Since 2006, Anisha has trained over 1,000 farmers in Martalli in organic methods and has helped over 400 landless farm workers to start home kitchen gardens. The focus for the future is increasing the number of residents in Martalli who are able to grow their own healthy food.

The Foundation strives to improve the capacity of government to plan and manage the overall development process.

You can watch two videos about Anisha here and on our Videos page.

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