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Do you have expertise and energy to contribute? Join the SDIA roster of volunteers available to serve projects. Do you want a hands-on learning experience? Attend a Human Force Camp for a life-changing adventure.

Volunteers do a lot of work in the Susila Dharma Network and this may be where you can get connected. Sometimes project leaders or SD Nationals need professional assistance on a specific activity like research or technical assistance, or communications, social media or impact assessment. If you are retired or on sabbatical or a gap year, there may be a way for you to apply your knowledge with online advice and problem-solving or in-country participation.

SDIA has a number of volunteering options for professionals interested in experiencing a very personal way to give back. Our volunteer programme attracts people from all walks of life who contribute to helping people improve their lives.

Here are some of the ways you could get involved:

– join a Human Force volunteer camp.

– volunteer at a project. A few SDIA member projects take on volunteers for medium to long-term placements in the field. Perhaps you want to gain some teaching experience, work with older people or do some work online? Let us know! And check out the current volunteer opportunities at our member projects.

– sign up to our consultant database. This is a roster of experts who are called upon on a needs basis to provide solutions for projects looking for technical advice on specific issues. If you are a professional with knowledge or skills you think could be useful and with time and energy to donate, you are welcome to sign up. The time you can give could be an hour a week online, or four months in a year in the field.

– find an internship. SDIA has occasionally matched students seeking internships with a suitable project that can give them tasks in line with the requirements of their course of study. Contact us and we will explore whether we can help you.

– join your SD National team. SD Nationals support projects with communications, close personal ties and fundraising. If you live in a country with an SD National, why not contact them and give them a hand?

– help SDIA as a translator. We produce our eNews, Annual Report and other important documents in three languages thanks to our team of volunteer translators. If you are a native speaker of French or Spanish, a good level of English and can spare a few hours every now and then, please get in touch!

If joining the Susila Dharma team appeals to you and you have skills that could be put to good use, please contact us for a chat:

Please bear in mind that SDIA is only able to provide funding for volunteering overseas in exceptional cases, but we may be able to help you fundraise.

Find out more about Human Force: read volunteer and project testimonials, see our videos, download an information pack and read about past camps and upcoming opportunities.

See you soon for a wonderful adventure!